Butter from Curds and Whey

Great slabs of butter

Emergency! Friday’s BulletProof coffee was the last of my butter stash. As we all know, our food community is always looking for grass fed butter. Which is a little strange – how about we feed the cows the grass and allow the butter to eat whatever it pleases? But I digress …

My go-to butter since I first began drinking BulletProof coffee (which itself was my first step on this journey) has been the Woolworths (aka Safeway) home brand unsalted butter. I had it on good authority (i.e. a forum post somewhere) that this was indeed the same butter as the premium brand ‘Westgold’ – which is a New Zealand product. As we all know, New Zealand is a land of wonders and as such their cows must surely be grazing lush grasslands all year round.

Yes, I poke the fun. There are some butters out there marketed with the genuine organic certification, some even touting the grass fed status of their source herds. They also cost a fortune! For me this is all about striking  balance – and that forum post was good enough.

As the fates would have it, last week I see a post in the Melbourne Paleo Facebook group where a member of the group was purchasing their butter from a place called “Curds and Whey” (fabulous name!) A quick search later, I discover it is a stall in the deli hall of the Queen Victoria markets in the city. Now I need butter. You’ll never believe what happens next!

Curds and Whey

The current price of this butter is $11 per kilo ($5 per pound.) Since the Westgold is very close to that and the home brand runs at around $8 / kg, I simply had to at least try out this butter!

So I have a kilo. Cut into four blocks and in the dairy drawer of our fridge. One block has been cut down into ten equal(ish!) sized pieces ready for my BulletProof coffees for the coming week. (Approx 50g per coffee at the moment.)

Here’s hoping it tastes great!

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