Off the wagon

Since returning from Hong Kong I’ve not got back onto my full primal diet. The trip itself was great – considering the party atmosphere I did well, making the best choices available.

Since then, I’ve had the flu, then a wedding back in Sydney and now Easter. All these haven’t made it easy. That said, I’m still due my fourth smaller hole in my belt!

The best advice I’ve heard about falling off the wagon is simply to accept what’s happened and move on. After all, you can’t change the past, so why spend mental energy fretting?

Starting now, make better choices more often and the rest will take care of itself.

(That was breakfast yesterday: at least as tasty as it looks!)

Butter from Curds and Whey

Great slabs of butter

Emergency! Friday’s BulletProof coffee was the last of my butter stash. As we all know, our food community is always looking for grass fed butter. Which is a little strange – how about we feed the cows the grass and allow the butter to eat whatever it pleases? But I digress …

My go-to butter since I first began drinking BulletProof coffee (which itself was my first step on this journey) has been the Woolworths (aka Safeway) home brand unsalted butter. I had it on good authority (i.e. a forum post somewhere) that this was indeed the same butter as the premium brand ‘Westgold’ – which is a New Zealand product. As we all know, New Zealand is a land of wonders and as such their cows must surely be grazing lush grasslands all year round.

Yes, I poke the fun. There are some butters out there marketed with the genuine organic certification, some even touting the grass fed status of their source herds. They also cost a fortune! For me this is all about striking  balance – and that forum post was good enough.

As the fates would have it, last week I see a post in the Melbourne Paleo Facebook group where a member of the group was purchasing their butter from a place called “Curds and Whey” (fabulous name!) A quick search later, I discover it is a stall in the deli hall of the Queen Victoria markets in the city. Now I need butter. You’ll never believe what happens next!

Curds and Whey

The current price of this butter is $11 per kilo ($5 per pound.) Since the Westgold is very close to that and the home brand runs at around $8 / kg, I simply had to at least try out this butter!

So I have a kilo. Cut into four blocks and in the dairy drawer of our fridge. One block has been cut down into ten equal(ish!) sized pieces ready for my BulletProof coffees for the coming week. (Approx 50g per coffee at the moment.)

Here’s hoping it tastes great!

Another hole at Queen Victoria Markets

My belt on the leather working table

That is my belt on the table of a leather belt stall at the markets, recovering after a sudden assault by the stall holder. With full consent 🙂

Whoo! Another milestone – this is the third time I’ve needed to put a smaller hole in my belt since my journey began.

How did I know it was time? This tweet should explain nicely :

2014 March 21

For the last two or three nights I’ve woken myself with leg cramps – centered on my right calf. I think I’ve been slacking off on my magnesium supplements after dinner. That should fix it.

Made another successful office omelette today – would pics or video be useful? I did pick up an expert tip – next time I’ll bring the eggs out of the fridge early so they get closer to room temperature. The butter is solidifying when cold eggs are mixed in. No idea if that’s good, bad or doesn’t make a difference…

During my lunch time walk today I added two circuits of that body weight routine. With a walk in between. Tonight I ate three slices of pizza from the local markets – it seemed like a good idea at the time : but now I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck!

As I move to better and cleaner eating, I’m finding myself more in tune with my body. That’s a big change for me – I’ve traditionally been quite dissociated from my body – ‘living’ in my head instead.

Remind me to tell you the story of how I nearly face-planted running for the tram this morning! When I have more energy.

Office Omelette


While I’m stalled on my post about last weekend (old friends, Formula 1, eating out) here’s what is happening.

My weight has taken a dive and stayed under 102kg for a few days now. This is looking like another consolidation point. I guess it is good to get to know your fluctuations and rhythms. I certainly have mine, judging from the fancy little graph Runkeeper shows me.

I haven’t sprinted for some time – a couple of weeks maybe. The last sprint session would have been in the pool – it was weird going through the (running) sprint motions but in (deep) water. Tricky to keep balance. The kids nearby were fascinated, needless to say.

Yesterday I brought some fresh eggs into the office – I’d been meaning to do this for a couple of weeks but had let myself get distracted by wondering what the ideal microwave container would be. In the end I grabbed my handy soup mug (pictured above – AA batteries for size comparison) and used that. I was amazed how well it turned out!

Office Omelette Recipe:

  1. Melt a teaspoon of butter in cup in microwave
  2. Swirl the melted butter around to grease the cup
  3. Crack two eggs into cup
  4. Add a splash (tablespoon?) or so of water
  5. Stir vigorously with a teaspoon
  6. Microwave for a minute on HIGH, stir, microwave another minute or so
  7. Stop when done, season and enjoy

I was blown away how the omelette rose into a beautiful puffy shape that didn’t stick to the cup at all.

P.S. Search for ‘Omelette in a mug’ for more recipes 🙂

An old friend came in from out of town

What a weekend! The Formula 1 circus came to Melbourne town and a few dear old friends of mind travelled from my former hometown of Sydney for the event. Naturally we caught up. Which involved eating. Lots of eating. As Jake says : It wasn’t my fault!

An old friend came in from out of town … It Wasn't My Fault!

As things turned out, I was lucky enough to enjoy the company of my out of town friends on the Thursday night, Friday night and all day Saturday! That was really great quality time to share. Hang the eating plan (but make the best decisions from the choices in front of you) and enjoy the company. Good for the soul – and that’s just as much a part of this journey as anything else!

Are bodyweight exercises alone enough?
Mark asks great questions!

As I made that first hole in my belt I knew that to accelerate things I’d need to cough exercise. The deal I made with myself was that I’d start seriously exercising when my mass was 105kg.

So here I am, three holes smaller and back to looking at what exercise is going to work for me.

Putting together a basic bodyweight circuit? That I can do.

The first hole

This first hole in my belt I owe to Bulletproof coffee.


Sore 🙂

After yesterday’s inaugural body weight circuit my lower half is a little tender – glutes most noticeable of all. I’d been wondering if the workout was sufficient, when I was able to finish it with no immediate muscle tremors or soreness. Don’t get me wrong – the last couple of squat lumges took real focus to complete!

So mission complete – there’s a decent basic circuit for me that fulfills the Primal directive to ‘lift heavy things’. I am aiming do this twice a week – for now though I’m guided by my recovery rate. Once the muscle soreness fades I will know my body is ready to lift again.