New challenge – be able to do a single pull-up

My planking challenge went very well – OK so I didn’t complete the full 30 days to a 5 minute plank. I can now plank for a minute pretty comfortably, even back it up for two of those (with a small rest in between!) For someone with as abs as I’ve always had, that is a raging success.

Looking at the various bodyweight exercises available, there was one that had always eluded me. Even in high school I don’t think I ever did a chin-up – and I was a rower!

So : one of the macho exercises is my new goal – the pull-up. How was I going to achieve this?

Nerd fitness to the rescue! I started about two weeks ago – using the chin-up bar in a park across from the office, I started on the shortest bar. Standing (at an angle!) 3 sets of 8. The next week – 3 sets of 10.

Today I felt pretty good (I’ve been focussing on getting more sleep this week) and went for the low bar – laying on the ground it is less than a full arm stretch high (yes, not optimal but you work with what’s available!)

Three sets of five! Mostly. The last one in set two and the last two in set three involved pushing my gut up to touch the bar – not quite perfect form. I can live with that.

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