I made this : spinach and mushroom crustless quiche

Authority Nutrition posted a great recipe roundup – “18 Delicious Low Carb Breakfast Recipes” which caught my eye this week. A friend of mine who’s been asking advice about changing her lifestyle has had great success with making frittatas in a muffin tin and grabbing them as an on-the-go breakfast. However she’s been getting tired of the same-old and is looking for a change. This will be a great list for her.

Me? I’m still on the butter coffee – and even if I wasn’t I’m happy to find a single choice and stick with it – however you might like a few options 🙂

Fast forward to Saturday night and my turn to cook dinner. How about a breakfast item from that list? Sure! Today has been more carb than anything else, so this crustless mushroom and spinach quiche will be a great way to finish the day.

Fairly simple prep – it is in the oven now … and now fresh out of the oven this is how it looked (did I leave it in a few minutes too long?)

What blew me away was how it held itself together. I never would have thought it would have any structure, or be able to hold form and be sliced – but it did. Must have been all the tasty cheese on top (didn’t have any fetta on hand…)

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