My first bodyweight workout

Pleasantly confused. Weighed in this morning and was the lightest since I’ve been recording in recent years.

Saturday’s lunch was a doner kebab (yes, with the flat bread wrap) and then yesterday’s dinner was a burger from the Mr Burger food truck here in Melbourne. With a few hot chips of course – shared with my kids. Not exactly primal 🙂

Right now I’m sweating into the couch as I scribble this diary entry while I still remember my new workout. It seems to be a good one, minimal equipment and very portable.

Today I completed two circuits of the following :

  • Full body Plank, 60 seconds
  • 10 dips (holding the seat of a chair, lowering almost to ground)
  • 5 lunge squats – a new exercise for me. Hope I’m doing it correctly – a deep squat, lunge forward, trailing knee to the ground, back up, repeat squat then lunge forward on the other leg. That’s one repetition.
  • Wall pushups x 10 (I’m not up to a conventional pushup yet. Perhaps I should try knee pushups again?) Anyhow, this is an explosive pushup, aiming to push my body back to the vertical

Now I’m off to shower (colder than I’m used to – experimenting with ‘cold shower therapy’ without having done any reading yet!)

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