Alright, a quickie about page is in order.

[New Age Hippie Voice] “This site is about my wellness journey …”

Look, I know I haven’t been in top health all my adult life. Carrying a little (and sometimes a lot) of excess weight for starters. Doctors have pointed this out regularly. After my father died, I started to get serious about my health. There’s nothing like an existential crisis to get motivated!

Late last year I discovered BulletProof Coffee, I started back on an IF (Intermittent Fasting) regime and gradually came around to the Paleo / Primal / Bulletproof way of eating. It was around the time I needed a second new (smaller!) hole in my belt that I started to think about sharing what I was learning and doing.

Now I’m not yet convinced that this is anything more than placebo – so I’m documenting as I go.

As Dave Winer puts it so well on his “Why Blog?” post:
The mission of blogging is to empower all of us to go directly to each other with our expertise. So if you know something as well as anyone else, or you learn something or know something that should be shared, then you should share it on your blog.

What do I know as well as anyone else? My own experiences of eating better, moving more and adding more life to my years.


  1. Hi Mathew,

    Just wanted to reach out and say we’re going to be following your blog and journey!


    Kunal and the OptimOZ.com.au team.

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